The Big Picture

Don’t Like Climate Change?  Try one of these reasons for reducing your environmental impact

Everyone likes big; Big houses, Big trucks, Big SUVs, Big paychecks, Big meals….Big holidays to Australia…..  So why doesn’t anyone like looking at the Big picture?  There is all this public debate about climate change.  Is it real?  What causes it?  Should we be doing anything about it?  How much will all this cost?  The real question is do you really need another reason to reduce your environmental impact?  Climate change is a real and very big problem but it’s really only part of the huge negative impact we have on our environment.  If you don’t like climate change then please pick one of the thousands of other reasons to reduce your footprint!  I’ve listed a few causes below.

Are you a people person? How about these:

–          Food shortages and famine caused by environmental degradation of farmland plus our culture of wasting food often by eating too much of it!

–          Lack of clean drinking water for 1 in 5 humans caused by (climate change related drought, water pollution, depleted aquifers, corporate theft).

–          All types of air, water and land pollution are causing huge health problems for people around the world.

Do you like animals?

–          Habitat degradation caused by deforestation, agriculture, urbane and industrial sprawl is causing species extinctions at alarming rates.

–          Excessive water usage causing rivers to run dry (no water, no fish, no animals).

–          The Garbage problem (ocean garbage patches, plastic bags, pop can plastic rings).

–          All types of air, water and land pollution causing huge health problems for animals around the world.

Are you a Me, Me, Me person?

–          Driving that SUV when you could be walking or cycling is wasting your hard earned money and shortening your life!

–          Climate change, pollution, and ozone degradation are killing off phytoplankton, which produce as much as half of the oxygen that you breathe every second of your life.

–          Excessive and growing resource consumption means there will be less for you!

–          All types of air, water and land pollution may be causing huge health problems for you now or in the future.

All of these can be broken down into more specific issues or grouped into larger ones and they are all interrelated.  Some even seem to have the potential to conflict.  Some people believe food shortages could be lessened by clearing more land for agriculture or using more fertilizer for example, but what else would this effect?  Maybe there’s a better way.

If you can, try to look at the big picture, we’re all on this planet together for the foreseeable future.  If you don’t want to look at the big picture because it scares you… well at least try to pick some small reason or cause and use that as your excuse do something to reduce your net negative impact on this planet.   Remember the three Rs?  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Start with those, in that order, apply it to almost everything you consume in your life.

But wait, if we’re talking big picture here, that means there are other people involved, and this is Net impact we’ve talking about.  If you can convince just one other person to in some way reduce their impact you’ve just doubled the reduction of your footprint.  Now ask yourself, how many people do I have to convince to (walk to work, recycle, stop wasting water) before I have a net positive impact?  Is that possible?  How many days do I have to bike to work instead of driving to make up for my trip to Australia?  Now think what starts to happen if I convince 10 other people to do the same as me…



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