Good Ideas


The ultimate community centered, sharing, Eco-friendly,  next to free, awesome places to get music, movies, information, and even books!


The most efficient mode of human transport available, easily reusable and recyclable, incredibly versatile and did I mention fun?


The wind is a powerful thing, put it to good use.

Local Food

Even better if it’s from your own backyard, it just tastes better!


The ultimate reuse and recycle resource.  Sometimes you need stuff, pre-loved is almost always better.

Recommended books

Here are a few books I’ve read lately, I got them all from our local library, which is one of my favorite good ideas! They are all environmentally themed and also happen to be interesting reads.  I’ve read lots of books and they certainly won’t all make it up here.  Even if a book has some great ideas if you fall asleep reading it they don’t do much good!

PlanetwalkerPlanetwalker By Francis, John (Book – 2008) 333.72092 FRA

No Impact Man

No Impact Man The Adventures of A Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to save the Planet, and the Discoveries He Makes about Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process By Beavan, Colin (Book – 2009) 333.72 BEA

Confessions of An Eco-sinner

Confessions of An Eco-sinner Tracking down the Sources of My Stuff By Pearce, Fred (Book – 2008) 333.72 PEA

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