Electric Vehicles 101

EV 101 Class Resources

Big thanks to everyone who signed up and came out for the second edition of Electric Vehicles 101 put on by the Solar Energy Society of Alberta. It’s one thing to talk about electric cars and how great they are but until you get a chance to have a ride in an insane mode Tesla you just don’t know!

As promised here are a bunch of my favorite resources.

This is a great site for EV conversion videos, premium tested parts to buy online and a lot of highly opinionated information which occasionally needs to be taken with a grain of salt….but he puts his money where his mouth is and he’s destroyed more batteries and components in testing than anyone I know of! I bought the battery for my upcoming golf conversion here, http://store.evtv.me/

This is a great place to actually buy your parts from, Randy has been in business to 25+ years, done many many conversions and is very knowledgeable. It’s also a Canadian business so you don’t have to worry about things like how to get your imported Chinese batteries across the boarder. We bought the motor, batteries and a few other accessories here. http://www.canev.com/motors.php

This is the main page for the AC motor controller combinations I talked about in class. There are sizes for everything from go-karts to trucks. The power and torque graphs are an excellent resource. http://hpevs.com/index.htm

Another excellent place to buy, price out and research components, I know people who have bought from here with good results and they’ve been around a while. http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/

Home of the Cycle Analyst, Grin Technologies is an ebike shop in Vancouver that has nice gear, they do lots of testing and have developed a few of their own products like the Cycle Analyst e-gauge and an accompanying data logger. They also make a nice programmable charger for lower voltage EV projects. http://www.ebikes.ca/

This company is doing some very cool product development including an open source developed 12kW charger, an open source developed 15kW Level 2 home charging station and an Android based electric vehicle dashboard which sends all your DIY EV’s information (current, voltage etc) to an Android tablet or phone via bluetooth. http://www.emotorwerks.com/

EV West has some interesting components and some decent videos on youtube, I don’t know anyone who has bought components but they seem to be one of the better known places. http://evwest.com/catalog/

Sun Country Highways is doing good work right here in Canada, they built a free charging network across the country and more are going up all the time. They offer Stage 1, 2 and 3 chargers. http://suncountryhighway.com/

Go here to look up EV conversions that people have already finished or have on the go. A central database of DIY EVs. http://www.evalbum.com/

DIY Electric Cars forum, lots of information here, but it takes some sifting, the build threads are the best, these are the people that are actually doing something, not just sitting on the computer typing! http://www.evalbum.com/

Nap Peppin’s Lithium Hawk, this is a scratch built EV trike with a home built Tesla style battery pack full of almost 2000 18650 form factor cells! He’s got a great breakdown of his build with lots of details on how he built his battery pack. http://www.nappepin.com/LithiumHawk.htm

Inside EVs, this site has lots of news about EVs written more blog style but there’s good info here for factory EV news. http://insideevs.com/ 

I may post more on here if I remember anything else that helped me out but there are the main sites, and of course feel free to ask me any questions directly!

Here’s a picture of the first EV 101 class.



One Response to Electric Vehicles 101

  1. Ross McLaughlin says:

    Would recommend this class to anyone who is thinking of buying or building a electric vehicle or just wanting to learn the technology,mechanics and financial aspects.for general interest. Was presented so that a absolute newbie could understand and also not bore someone will more advanced knowledge.

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