About Me and the Site

Sunrise at Kata Tjuta

Hello all,

My name is Jesse Tufts, I’m currently living the good life in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I grew up on a farm in  Saskatchewan and attended the U of S for Mechanical Engineering, graduating in 2006. Since then I’ve traveled a bit with my college sweetheart Jena, moved to Edmonton, worked through a couple jobs and Jena and I got married in May 2008! Its been a busy few years and it just keeps getting better.  Our first child arrived August 31st 2011 (Isaac William Tufts) and this has completely changed everything, mostly for the better… I would say children are the ultimate DIY project.

I’ve always been a DIY type person and I always seem to have a million projects on the go, some are for fun and recreation, some are around the house or for saving energy and some are major undertakings, ideas that I think need to be brought to life.  Usually they start with a problem that needs solving or something I saw or read about and from there they grow and if I’m suitabley motivated some of these ideas will actually become something.  I generally like to share these projects and adventures with other people, partly because its fun seeing good ideas out there in the world and partly because  the world sometimes needs a few good ideas.  This site is my way of sharing my ideas and adventures with my friends and family and anyone else who happens to come across it.

The links at the top of this page lead to interesting projects I’ve completed or have on the go along with trips or adventures I’ve had and even a page or two of ideas that don’t require any welding or construction.  Enjoy!