The Future of Transportation Symposium: EV Conversion 101

Well, the show is tomorrow! It should be a great day, there a lots of amazing vehicles coming out and the workshop list looks awesome. I would like to see all of them but I’ve got my own workshop to do as well as watching the mini truck which is of course part of the show. I’m also the main exhibit and vehicle coordinator so I’ll have a busy day!

So my post here tonight is to provide a list of links for people who will see my presentation tomorrow and want to find more information about EV Conversions. Also, I’ve included a link below to my presentation in pdf format if anyone would like to take a look at it.

DIY Electric Car Forum – Great resource!

EV Album, a great database of EV conversions so you can see what’s been done and how it worked out for other people

Canadian Electric Vehicles, Great source for EV parts in Canada. Randy is very knowledgeable and helpful!

EVTV, huge amount of material! Weekly video’s on DIY EV conversions.

Thunderstruck EV, Good parts place, good for looking up prices

High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems, makers of AC motors like the one used in the mini truck

My presentation! Electric Vehicle Conversion 101

EV101 pdf

Hope to see you at the show and if you’ve already been there thanks for coming!

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