Some times you just need a giant electric wheelbarrow…

Well Jena is back at work and has been doing this remarkable imitation of a hard core full time cycle commuter, every day rain or shine (it helps that to take the slower bus would require getting up 15 minutes earlier) and with me at home being a dad our vehicles are not getting a lot of use; I like it!

Isaac in the leaves

So I kind of had an Ah Ha! moment after filling our garbage can with leaves for the fourth time, and I thought hey, I do have a truck after all, it’s not just for show.  The leaves don’t weigh much, maybe a hundred kgs but that’s a lot of mower bags full!  We use the electric mower to pick them up with the bag as it speeds things up and mulches the leaves a bit.  It also really helps that I can drive the truck right into the back yard to dump them on the garden.  There was enough to cover the whole garden with about 10cm which when tilled in should add some nutrients.  Of course being a beautiful fall evening we couldn’t resist some pictures.

Enjoy!  Happy raking!

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