Mini truck update

It’s finally in, the battery management system.  This is exciting stuff, it means we can charge the truck without watching it and manually monitoring the cell voltages!   Of course until the novelty wears off I’ll still be watching it as it actively balances our cells.  There’s a fancy LCD display now with flashing lights and I can really geek out and hook up a laptop to monitor all the individual cell voltages!  An upcoming software update will even allow data logging!

Under the bed. Clockwise from the top left; Curtis motor controler, 12V system battery and relays, throttle potentiometer, BMS cell boards, BMS control board, DC circuit breaker and BMS current sensor, 1.5kw charger, main contactor, current shunt, DC-DC converter.

Aside from the geek appeal this automatically balances our battery pack while it’s charging and shuts everything down safely when its done.  It also provides active monitoring while we’re driving to tell us when the first cell is empty.  If one cell happens to have a slightly lower capacity than the other 23 the truck will still keep driving but that cell will be damaged so this is good insurance to prevent just such an occasion.  I’ve added some more information and pictures as well as a couple links on the mini truck page if you want more details.

Ah, and so far we’ve driven 850km under EV power, about a $75 of gas saved for a total electricity cost of about $11.  And this is comparing the mini truck to my Toyota Matrix.  How much would it have saved you?

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