Tips and tricks for traveling with a toddler…

Ah summer….

Well it’s been a while since we got home and I haven’t posted any sort of conclusion to our big trip, but hey it’s been summer in Edmonton, which is by far the best time to be here and we’re doing our best not to miss it.  But here I have a moment and a good picture to go with it so why not.

So what have we learned?

– Don’t be discouraged just because somebody says “Oh my goodness, you’re traveling oversees with a baby!”  They’re just jealous they can’t come.  People have babies overseas as well, they even have things like diapers, running water and jarred baby food.

– Travel in the off season; for Australia this was interesting because the busy season varies for what part of the country you visit.  We traveled in May/June which is their fall and overall were able to drive into most towns and have our pick of vacant accommodations and jump onto tours last minute.

– Branch out from hotels; YHA youth hostels and some others have no problems with kids and overall were great places to stay.  There are some that have no one under 18 policies so call ahead, but in the off season if the place is empty it can’t hurt to ask.  Cooking for yourself can save a bundle as well.

– Accept a slower pace and enjoy it.  We had the best time when we were able to stay at least two nights at any one spot.  Babies (and parents) need some relaxing time where they can just crawl around and not be tied in a car seat, stroller or carrier.

– Bring a harmonica or other small musical instrument.  Isaac loved it when we played, even though at the start of the trip I could only play “When The Saints Go Marching In”.  It was guaranteed to calm him down and occupy him for as long as I would play it and was great for getting him to go to sleep.  Singing can work as well, don’t be shy.

– Don’t bother bringing baby toys, the three we brought were the last things Isaac would play with.  A spoon and a plastic bowl are much more entertaining and  can also be used for eating cereal!  Who knew.

Remember your life doesn’t have to end when you have kids, so go out and have lots of adventures.  They’re an essential part of growing up, and your kids will like them too.



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