We’re Here!

Well, we’re here!  16 hours on the plane, actually the flight was great, Isaac slept most of the way and was better behaved than we could have possibly hoped for.  No meltdowns or diaper explosions!

We arrived in Sydney about 8:20 am and after clearing customs and finding our bags we caught a taxi to the place we had found to stay.  Its a nice big house about 3 blocks from some spectacular cliffs over the ocean and a half hour walk from the famous Bondi Beach.  After a quick shower and a bit of a breather to get ourselves oriented we walked down to the Bondi beach area for some lunch and a bit of exploring.  Very cool area, the beach is amazing and the surf was huge with a few hardy surfers and body borders out enjoying the rather windy day.

After walking back to our place mid afternoon we spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting organized for tomorrow aside from a short walk to go check out the sunset over Sydney harbor.  This city definitely looks like it need a lot more exploring than we have time for!  Hopefully we can give it a better look when we come back through at the end of our trip.  Right now we’re just chilling out waiting for a seafood supper which our host has graciously invited us to.  Tomorrow we head off to Alice Springs and the outback for a week of camping and exploring.  We probably won’t have easy web access so it could be a while till the next post.  Below are a few of the better pics we managed to snap over the last while.

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Till next time,

Jesse, Jena and Isaac

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