Pictures from the Earth Day Festival and the Future Transportation Seminar

Thanks to all who came to the Future Transportation seminar at Grant McEwan on Wednesday April 25th.  It was cold and blustery outside but there was still enough people there to keep both John and I busy talking for the whole time!  I’m going to have to post an FAQ section under the mini truck page which I think could help answer some of the most commonly asked questions which are now becoming clear after a couple weeks of using the truck for commuting.  Look to that section in the near future for an update.

The link here has all the presentations we saw at the seminar,

The presentations were all very well done with a good mix of subject matter.  Edmonton’s sustainable fleet initiatives were great to hear about and the electric ford transit which was at the show is very nice professional conversion.  It saw use here in Edmonton all winter with no real problems until about -25.  Did I mention it was always parked outside and it is used for actual work?

Andrew Bell gave an entertaining and informative talk on his journey towards owning a plug in Prius which he has been using and promoting with great success in Edmonton.  There was another one present at the show as well and I know of at least one more in Edmonton so maybe they are catching on!

The U of A Eco car project was great to see at the show and hearing their presentation on the challenges they went through to get to competition brought back fond memories of my university days on the U of S Formula SAE racing team, although admittedly our car didn’t run on hydrogen!

Below are a few pictures from the earth day festival and the seminar.  I also took a short video tour of the truck and will post a few others shortly, check it out on YouTube here.

The Plexiglas helped keep a lot of curious fingers out of the electronics at both events.



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