The mini truck is on the road!

Well its fully legal, we passed the safety and got it plated and insured!  It was a bit of a hassle finding a shop that was comfortable doing a safety on the right hand drive mini truck, never mind that’s its electric, but we found one and they didn’t find any problems so we’re good to go!  I drove it to work for the second time today and have had a blast showing it off to friends and co-workers, seems to be a hit!  Our overall energy use seems to be about 2Ah/km which gives us 50kms with our 100Ah batteries.  That said I’m getting better at driving it and I used 13 instead of 14Ahs driving to work this morning as compared to yesterday!  That’s 7% better.  We’ll be playing with the setup a bit in the next while to improve performance and economy so I’ll post any major improvements but for now it’s looking good!  I should be able to drive to work and back three times on one charge which would be 42km total.  I’ll measure the power consumption from the wall next charge and should be able to get our actual electricity use and thus cost per km.  I’ll still have to drive it about a million km to have it pay for itself in gas savings compared to my already reasonably fuel-efficient car but when you pull up to a stop light and can sit in utter silence listening to the birds singing…. it is definitely worth it!


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