Test driving the mini truck

Hello to my thousands of faithful readers!

I had a bunch of family over this weekend and was able to show off the mini truck a bit which of course involved giving a few rides around the block.  With all the rides I gave that was the most I’ve driven it yet!  Outside temperatures were about 0 Celsius  with a bit of fresh snow.  The batteries were probably a few degrees warmer from being in the garage and the performance was much better than our test drive with the batteries at -20!  We probably got up to 50km/hr and were able to confirm the speedometer accuracy with the GPS.  This truck feels very fast at those speeds!  Probably because you are sitting about 2 ft behind the front bumper…. Overall performance was decent, its a fun truck to drive for tight city stuff, turns amazingly sharp and feels very nimble.  Our new DOT approved tires have good traction but it can still get squirrely in the snow pretty easily.  I can confirm that it is not  a highway vehicle although any new set of wheels takes some getting used to.  Getting closer to the safety!  I’ll try to keep things up to date as they progress.


Myself and John with the mini truck, its actually roomier than it looks!

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