The Electric Hijet lives!

Well it certainly didn’t turn into this nice continuous series of up to date blog posts covering our progress, but life has a habit of getting in the way of the really important things like updating your blog….  Regardless, the Hijet got a new set of DOT approved tires today and will soon be ready for the all important out of province inspection.  The first test drive was actually in August, a few trips around the block with no bed, no lights and no noise!  The time since then has been filled up with lots of other stuff but we did manage to get the bed on, all the wiring and lights working and cleaned up, the heater in and working and the cab fully insulated and carpeted.  Let to do before the safety is our emergency stop cable which allows us to pull the breaker from the cab, the battery heater (some cold weather test drives showed us this is essential due to voltage sag) latches for the tilting bed, extra insulation and weatherstripping for the battery box and a handful of small details to finish up.  Check out the Electric Mini Truck page for more information and some pictures of a few of the stages along the way.

Everything wired up for the first test drive



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