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Well, we’ve joined the ranks of indebted Canadians shoveling money directly from their paychecks into the gaping maws of their friendly neighborhood mortgage providers…..and we couldn’t be happier! No more rent!  We’re loving our new place in central Edmonton, big backyard, insulated garage, four bedrooms and a gas fireplace to boot.  Big plans for the backyard, garden, fruit trees, deck and all the good stuff.  Finally have a garage I can call my own, not quite as big as my last rental place so no room for the car, my truck and the electric mini truck along with all my tools and bikes and junk…. but you know what this means! I get to build a shed in the back yard,  and possibly open up the attic of the garage for storage, and luckily there is a big driveway to park the car when there is more important stuff going on in the garage. 

Anyways, Jena and myself, and the dog and the cat are happy to be in our own place, now that we’re not looking for housing maybe I’ll have time post some updates on the mini truck….. but first, my garage is calling me.

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