The rotating drum composter rolls for the first time….

Well, I did it, I finished a project!  This is good news…. my wife Jena is pleased, and from the looks of it the results of this particular idea might actually be somewhat useful!  I’ve been working on a two chamber rotating drum composter for the last while after struggling to get any good results from the standard bin in our backyard.  I’ve added some pictures and will post some construction details on the Composter page so anyone wanting to try their hand at building their own can look at mine and then build something better, or at least follow some of the recommended improvements I will no doubt post there as I discover the flaws in my design. 

The two chamber rotating drum composter

The composter rolled for the first time full of compost this monday, and now I know why the commercial units have a large geared crank on the side!  Upon finishing the unit and placing it in our tiny garden where the cucumbers were supposed to grow.  I immediately filled both chambers with the unfinished compost from our old bin, the more recent layers from the top on the one side where fresh scraps will go and the almost finished layers from the bottom of the bin in the other chamber.  Once the one chamber is finished the other should be full, this way one chamber is always full and “cooking” while the other is being filled with kitchen scraps and yard waste.  How well this works in practice will become evident over the next couple of months.  Regardless, it hasn’t fallen apart yet and rolling the drum while a bit tricky is certainly less work than shovel mixing a regular compost pile.  Hopefully within a month or so I’ll have nice rich compost to improve our clay flower bed that is currently passing for a garden!

Happy composting!

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