The Electric Mini Truck is For Sale!

Time to start a new project!

The mini truck has been great, I’ve put over 7000 gas free kms on it and it’s been a blast to drive but my family is growing and I need something I can haul them around in! The mini truck has been excellent for my short commute and it’s great for solo errands or as a date truck but it’s time for 4 doors and more than 2 seats. I’ve already picked up a very nice 2008 VW City Golf for my next conversion along with a bankruptcy special 24kwh  Renault Fluence ZE battery pack.

I’m really looking forward to digging into this car but I need to free up some garage space and budget room so the mini truck unfortunately has to go! It’s an excellent truck as is but even if you only bought it for the electrical conversion parts you would still be getting a steal! The truck itself is free! $12,000 O.B.O

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Drive the Future Expo 2014!

Drive the Future Expo Poster

Drive the Future Expo Poster

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Electric Vehicles 101 Class and Mini Car Show

Are you interested in buying an electric car or maybe even converting a gas car to run on electricity? How about if you just want to learn more about them and how they work? Come check out my upcoming class put on through the Solar Energy Society of Alberta on October 26th and November 2nd, 2013. I’ll be going over the basics of electric vehicles with a focus on converting your own vehicle to run on electricity and choosing the right factory EV if the DIY option seems a bit too tricky. The 2nd class will also include a mini car show with a few local EV conversions and factory EVs so you can get an up close and personal look at the real cars.

Check out the poster here,

And register here!

Roadster_2.5_windmills_trimmedThe class is going ahead but there’s room for a few more students if you’re interested, come check it out!

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The Future of Transportation Symposium: EV Conversion 101

Well, the show is tomorrow! It should be a great day, there a lots of amazing vehicles coming out and the workshop list looks awesome. I would like to see all of them but I’ve got my own workshop to do as well as watching the mini truck which is of course part of the show. I’m also the main exhibit and vehicle coordinator so I’ll have a busy day!

So my post here tonight is to provide a list of links for people who will see my presentation tomorrow and want to find more information about EV Conversions. Also, I’ve included a link below to my presentation in pdf format if anyone would like to take a look at it.

DIY Electric Car Forum – Great resource!

EV Album, a great database of EV conversions so you can see what’s been done and how it worked out for other people

Canadian Electric Vehicles, Great source for EV parts in Canada. Randy is very knowledgeable and helpful!

EVTV, huge amount of material! Weekly video’s on DIY EV conversions.

Thunderstruck EV, Good parts place, good for looking up prices

High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems, makers of AC motors like the one used in the mini truck

My presentation! Electric Vehicle Conversion 101

EV101 pdf

Hope to see you at the show and if you’ve already been there thanks for coming!

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Edmonton Earth Day Mini Festival!

The Mini Truck will be at this year’s Edmonton Earth Day Mini Festival. It’s being held in the parking lot of Earth’s general store on White Avenue this Saturday April 20th from 11am till 4pm. Check out the facebook page here!










In other news I rebuilt the hinges and added gas shocks to the tilting bed on the mini truck. Much better and safer than how it used to be. Once it’s started it lifts itself up. It’s like a mini dump truck now, come check it out at the show!

Tilting bed on gas shocks

Tilting bed on gas shocks

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Future of Transportation Poster!

It’s finished, the sponsors’ logos are in, it’s being printed as I write this, share it around, post it on Facebook, tell your friends!

FOT Poster 8-5x11

FOT Poster 8-5×11 PDF version

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2013 Future of Transportation Symposium and Car Show

Hello Everyone!

I would just like to let everyone know about a great event coming up in Edmonton this Spring.  The 2013 Future of Transportation Symposium and Car show will be on Saturday, April 27th, at NAIT campus.  The show runs from 11am till 6pm and will feature around 40 electric and alternative fuel vehicles, technology demonstrations, solar baked cookies and a variety of seminars and presentations on topics ranging from EV conversion to making your own biodiesel!

Some exciting vehicles will be at the show including a couple of Tesla Roadsters and a Tesla Model S, a 100% Biodiesel fueled jet powered dragster, a 1920 Detroit Electric, the University of Alberta Fuel Cell car for the Shell Eco Marathon, an electric Porsche 944, the Lithium Hawk electric trike, an electric Ford Ranger and of course the electric mini truck!  Most of the major manufacturers are bringing their electric or hybrid offerings so it’ll also be a great place to check out some of the great new vehicles you can buy.

The event is free and will be a great way for people of all ages and levels of technical expertise (or inexpertise) to learn more about the future of transportation!

Check out the event page and poster here,

Hope to see you there!


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